Why Curry County?

Why was a PFLAG chapter started in Curry County, Oregon?

The PFLAG group in Gold Beach began one evening after a small group of people from St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church felt that a chapter should be present in Curry County.  The members were particularly interested in making sure that young people had a safe place to come for support and that information was available for those who may have questions.
oceanThe first meeting was like all meetings where church folks gather — it involved food, fellowship and friends.  We began explaining to those gathered the history of PFLAG and why we felt it was important for the church to host this group.  From that night, those present invited others to come to the next meeting and made plans to officially join PFLAG.  Meetings were announced in the local newspapers and slowly people began to come and activities were planned for each month’s meetings.
That first year we made sure we were a presence in the community by getting involved in the annual Curry County Fair.  We had a booth and handed out information and marched in the parade.  It felt good to have people cheer and give thanks for our presence, especially living in a conservative, rural area.
–Karla, One of the Founding Members




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