PFLAG is here for you, your friends, and your parents. 

We’re here for you by offering support meetings, literature, social events, and support for your parents.

We’re here for your friends (and straight allies) by giving them a way to support you and stand up for equal rights and social justice.

We’re here for your parents (and other family members) by offering support meetings, literature, and social events.  PFLAG was started in 1973 by a mom, Jeanne, who cared about her son.  This is back when gay people were arrested and lost their jobs and homes for being gay.  Jeanne made a homemade sign and marched with her son, Morty, in New York.  Soon gay people were asking her to talk to their parents.  Parents of other gay people were also calling Jeanne for advice.  She decided to have a meeting in her home.  PFLAG grew from that meeting into an international non-profit that supports Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians & Gays.



It Gets Better – A PFLAG Mom Talks About Coming Out (to parents)    Download PFLAG Publications    Trevor Project  310-271-8845


Brookings-Harbor High School in Brookings, Oregon has a Gay-Straight Alliance.

Del Norte High School in Crescent City, California has a Gay-Straight Alliance.      


YouthHoldingHandsWe are a community group looking to promote gender and lgbtq equality and provide a safe space for discussion and creative outlets for the local youth.

Be Yourself: Questions and Answers for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Youth. Today’s youth face more social pressures than ever, especially since young people are coming out at increasingly younger ages. This publication offers a supportive approach to common questions asked by teens who may be questioning their sexual orientation. It also provides hotline numbers for teens and a list of resources.
Download a one-page summary of Be Yourself.

– See more at:

Transitions of the Heart:  Stories of Love, Struggle and Acceptance by Mothers of Transgender and Gender Variant Children by Rachel Pepper, editor.

A TED TALK BY DECKER MOSS     “Hey Doc, Some Boys Are Born Girls”       Gain more understanding of the transgender experience.                  




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